Remaclean HM-U3

  • Universally applicable for many types of materials
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Long service life of the tungsten carbides due to highly wearresistant materials
  • Belt friendly cleaning due to rounded edges of the blade
  • Easy installation and adjustment of the scraper system
  • Low installation space requirement
  • Automatic system adjustment
  • Tension unit innovation with precies micro adjustment of the contact pressure
  • Integrated pitch adjustment of the scraper blade
  • REMA-REPCOAT SL anti-caking coating on the tungsten carbide blade
  • Applicable for temperatures from -40°C to +130°C
  • For belt speeds up to 2.5 m/s

Product information

The REMACLEAN HM-U3is universallyapplicable for many types of materials. Thetungsten carbide blade optimally adjusts tothe belt and therefore guarantees effectiveand belt friendly cleaning. The design of thetungsten carbide blade as well as the multilayer anti-caking coating guarantees long ser-vice life and high reliability. The tension unitINNOVATIONallows continuous calibration ofthe contact pressure and fits various installa-tion situations

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