Remaclean HM-U7

  • Belt friendly cleaning achieved by sagging function of the blade segments
  • The tungsten carbide segments manufactured from stainless steel are individually supported, can adapt dynamically in the running direction of the belt and move 180° on its own axis
  • Modular system composed of system suspension tube, carbide-blades, polyurethane deflector
  • Consistent and ideal contact pressure, which is easily adjustable by using the torsion tension unit with spindle adjustment
  • No tools needed for segment fitment - exchange due to clamping fastener
  • Not suitable for reverse operation
  • "MF" version is suitable for the use with mechanical joints
  • "V" version is suitable for ATEX applications (in that case assembly feet are black)
  • For belt widths up to 1 400 mm
  • Designed for service temperatures -40 °C to +70 °C and belt speeds up to 4.0 m/s
  • Universally applicable for many types of materials such as sand, gravel, hard coal, lignite, ores, sinter, cement, conditioned refuse and dry gypsum

Product information

Belt cleaning system for belt return side applications with elastically supported tungsten carbide blades and a spindle-type tension unit. High cleaning efficiency and long service life due to the high-quality of the carbides. Good adaptability to the conveyor belt through flexibly mounted and overlapping of the blades. Belt-protective scraper system through the segment blades dragging function.

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