SC4000 700G & 350G

  • Outstanding initial bond strength
  • High dynamic load rating
  • High-strength bonds
  • Can be universally used on many materials
  • Future-proof, REACH compliance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Proven product quality
  • Easy to apply
  • Brand quality from REMA TIP TOP
  • Economic in consumption
  • Complements REMA TIP TOP wear protection and repair systems with CN bonding layer
  • Good resistance to water, acids and alkalis
  • Cold splicing and repairs of coveyor belts with fabric reinforcements
  • Bonding of rubber components and linings
  • Bonding of elastomer laggings for drive pulleys
  • CHC-free

Product information

REMA TIP TOP CEMENT SC 4000 processed with HARDENER ER-42 is a trichlorethylene-free two-component bonding system with excellent adhesion and superior dynamic load universally applicable for durable rubber-rubber, rubber-fabric, rubber-metal and fabric-fabric bonds in the fields of wear and corrosion protection as well as in conveyor belt technology. Food contact applications: CEMENT SC 4000 white with HARDENER E-40 has been tested and approved for food contact. The ingredients of CEMENT SC 4000 white meet the regulations of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA, CFR 21§175.105). For HARDENER E-40 a TOR has been granted (CFR 21§170.39) High initial bonding strength. Pot life of 2 hours. Processed with 4 % HARDENER ER-42 or HARDENER E-40 (30 g per 0.7 kg).


Polymer basis CR
Specific weight 0.96 g/cm³
Solvent Cyclohexan/Ethylacetat
Colour Black, green, white

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