• Cover quality especially suited for bucket elevators
  • Can transport abrasive and/or hot materials
  • Solid woven carcass construction
  • Nitrile rubber cover
  • PVC impregnated carcass
  • Suited to elevate buckets transporting grains, pea and duff coal, dry cement powder and similar products

Product information

The DBP LiftTECH range of belting is specifically suited to use in bucket elevators.

The tightly woven carcass is available in 4 and 5 ply construc-tions or as a solid woven carcass construction. The 4 and 5 ply DBP LiftTECH belts are offered with a very wide range of high performance rubber covers to suit any bucket elevator application that transports abrasive materials and/or hot materials.

DBP LiftTECH conveyor belts with a solid woven carcass construction have PVC impregnated carcass and Nitrile rubber covers. This alternative is suited to elevator buckets transpor-ting grains, pea and duff coal, dry cement powder and similar products. For very high elevators where tensions are large, DBP LiftTECH ST is recommended. This high strength belt has galvanised steel cord reinforcement. The cords are spaced so that bolts holding the buckets align with the space between cords thereby ensuring that the bolts are securely retained for the maximum bucket stability.

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