Remaline 60

  • Safe protection against wear and material build-up to dry abrasion and impact
  • Good weather resistance
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion
  • Lining for vibration chutes, slides, material transfer points, truck bodies, impact curtains, bunkers, silos, chutes and filtering buckets
  • Lagging for non-driven pulleys with moderate to high belt traction

Product information

Thanks to its low-abrasion properties, REMALINE 60/CN is especially suitable for protecting against impact and dry wear and, based on this, is frequently used for conveying coal. Furthermore, non-driven pulleys can be vulcanized with REMALINE 60.


Polymer basis BR/IR/SBR
Specific weight 1.13g/cm³
Hardness 60 Shore A
Colour Black

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