Remaline 70 oil

  • Oil and grease resistant REMALINE 70 premium quality
  • Superior resistance to wear
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Good weather resistance
  • CN bonding layer provides fast and good adhesion
  • Material transfer points, chutes, bunkers and slides
  • Lining for truck bodies, impact curtains and vibrating conveyors

Product information

The oil and grease resistant premium quality for tough wear situations
REMALINE 70 OIL/CN has been specially designed to withstand wear and caking for a variety of wet or dry applications in challenging operating conditions in which oil and grease are or might be involved.


Polymer basis NBR
Specific weight 1.15g/cm³
Hardness 59 Shore A
Colour Black

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